First Day!

Hi mom and maybe two others reading this! For having moved to a new country until May today, there are few exciting stories to report. There was quite a bit of waiting–to get on the plane, to get off the plane, to get on the bus to campus, to wait for the bus to the supermarket… Not to say that there were no learning experiences, though. After taking the bus the wrong way for twenty minutes, Morgan and I found out that it matters which side of the street to board from. Who knew? Once we (finally) got to ASDA, we figured out after much trial and error of trying to unlock the shopping carts (trolleys?) from each other that you need to insert a pound to use a cart. Being the confused Americans we are, we abandoned that effort and went inside anyway. Checkout was also a bit of a fail as the cashier wouldn’t let Morgan buy her groceries at first because her signature on the receipt didn’t perfectly match the signature on her credit card. Apparently the Gs didn’t quite match up. We then got stuck inside the store because the only exit we could find led to an unbeknownst-to-us parking garage. Our trip to ASDA was overall very weird. One struggle of an errand later, we returned to Roehampton and went to a pizza dinner for new international students. I thought it would be really cheesy (pizza pun, anyone?) but we actually met two cool girls which was great, and we sat and talked with them for thirty minutes or so. Afterward I unpacked my luggage in my room and rearranged some furniture to help make it look less like a mediocrely-funded women’s prison cell. It still is a little janky, but I did my best! If only the springs in the awful mattress would stop torturing my spine.

Shoutout to Mr. Eric Ward for the kickass pillow pet and to anyone who read this uneventful post.

London out.




2 thoughts on “First Day!

  1. Who knew a grocery trip could be fraught with such misadventure! And I’m sure you’ll have your cell, I mean room, looking like home in no time! Xxoo


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