C A R D I F F, W A L E S

We arrived in Cardiff on the 18th around 11:30 AM after a dismal coach ride. There’s nothing like spending three hours in a bus colder than England in winter, right? Anyway, we walked to our hostel right away which was only a five minute walk from the station. This was my first stay in a hostel but I’m confident it was the most unique, fun one out there! The common area was decked out with picnic tables, umbrellas, plush armchairs, string lights, flag banners, paper cranes, you name it. There were also three beds used as couches which I thought was such a great idea for people to hang out on. The staff was so friendly and made us feel at home right away. If you’re ever in Cardiff, stay at the Bunkhouse! Did I mention the (NUTELLA) hot chocolate is to die for?


Cardiff is pretty small and extremely walkable. We did a lot in one day: lunch at a pie restaurant (best invention), Cardiff Castle, the National Museum, dinner… Afterward we just hung out at the hostel bar and had some great conversations while drinking wine. It was a pretty classic night for us but I couldn’t ask for much more. We explored the bay on the second day, and mostly did a lot of eating – breakfast, coffee, lunch, ice cream, hot chocolate round two, dinner. Hardly anyone was out on and about that day, it was like being in a ghost town. Our experience in Wales was quiet but pleasant and it was really nice to get away from city life for a couple days. It was almost like being home when we sat in the sun eating Mexican food over the bay for lunch!


Tomorrow we go to Stratford upon Avon. Hooray for another six hour roundtrip journey!

Exhausted traveler signing off 🙂


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