I N T E R L A K E N , S W I T Z E R L A N D

Interlaken was the second most magical place, if not the most magical place, I have ever seen. Switzerland is beautiful—my jaw was dropped for the entire ninety-minute train ride from the airport into town—but this small village was really something special. White string lights that parallel colorful shops line the streets and snowcapped mountains peek out from behind. Morgan and I spent our first day getting acquainted with the town, per usual. That night we took a long walk and discovered the cutest outdoor ice rink and café. As we were walking, it began to snow for the first time since we arrived and it totally transformed the place. It didn’t quite stick yet, but the snowflakes were enormous and not too wet so it was amazing to walk through. Call it strange timing, but we decided getting ice cream was a good idea. And it was! The server put apple and orange slices on top, which was basically a dream come true. We’ve been surviving off of 85% carbs and were craving fruit like you would not believe. :’)

The next morning, we woke up to the sound of our weird hostel-mates packing up all of their things. Yippee. We put on about a thousand layers (okay… four) and set out to find Outdoor Interlaken, a rental shop (if you’re ever in Interlaken, definitely go here! The employees were super friendly and so helpful). We decided to snowshoe since we wanted to explore the Swiss Alps but be able to take our time and really absorb our surroundings. After a bus, train, and gondola ride, we reached our destination of Gimmelwald and were left speechless once again.


There are some close seconds, but I’ve never been more blown away than I was in the moment when we first walked out to look down into the valley. This was our mindset for the rest of our time up there. We trekked through the fresh, deep powder for about three hours, going nowhere specific, with the biggest stupid grins on our faces.


The Lego Movie was right! Everything was awesome. “Did you see that tree? What about that house? What an adorable cat!” Yep, we really found another cat. It climbed onto me and, TBH, was another top moment that day. Have I mentioned I miss my bunnies…?

DSC_0094The next two days were a blur of coffee, nonstop discussion about how much we loved the town, pizza, exploration, and more chocolate than I think I have ever consumed. We couldn’t get over how blessed we feel to be able to see all of these wonderful places and are truly having the time of our lives. Shoutout to nuestros padres.


Interlaken I love you and hope to see you again someday!


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