D U B L I N , I R E L A N D

Major bucket list item checked off this weekend: spend St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland!

Morgan and I spent four days in Dublin and absolutely loved it. It’s an amazingly lively city with the nicest people I have ever met. Everyone we met was so friendly, helpful, and up for a good time. One of the hotel workers, Innocent from Malawi, was taking the same bus into the city literally gave us a tour of the town instead of going home. He walked us all around, paid for one of those touristy bike carriages for the three of us, and showed us a fun bar–then left! We were so surprised by how nice he was and then he didn’t even stay. Then a couple days later, we got lost and asked a bus driver for directions, and he told us to get on and took us there for free. He was so sweet and cracked the funniest jokes. The people at the pubs we went to were also insanely nice and welcoming even to the most blatantly American tourists. Thanks guys! ☺


We spent our days wandering the streets of Dublin and our nights pub-hopping. We talked to so many people from different countries all there to just have fun, drink a lot of Guinness and meet people from all over the world. The whole city had such an interesting vibe all weekend. One of my favorite parts was walking around Trinity College Dublin–I thought about applying there when I was in high school and it was really cool to see it in person. I loved the campus and the students seemed very friendly. I could totally see myself there, all bundled up for the Irish cold spending my days in the fabulous library. Sigh. Maybe I’ll come back for another degree one day… 😊


One afternoon, we took a train to a nearby fishing village called Howth. We didn’t stay for very long but it was beautiful and very picturesque. I really wanted to take a boat to the nearby island but it was pretty windy and cold so the ferry wasn’t running that day. Howth was great, despite the blustery day and I can imagine it’s even more gorgeous in sun.


The day of St. Patrick’s Day was absolutely crazy. The streets were so packed, we could hardly walk. Especially with those €1 green glasses obliterating our vision. We had to catch a flight in the early afternoon so weren’t able to spend much time at the parade, but it was such a unique experience to see the parade in Dublin itself!



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