G R A N A D A , S P A I N

Several weeks ago, I spent five days with one of my favorite Chapman people, Tessa, in her new home–the south of Spain! It was a perfect weekend and just what I needed. After two months of numb toes and cold winds, I got to spend almost a week in above 70 degree weather. It was amazing and actually felt a lot like Santa Barbara! The day after I arrived, we took a day trip to a beach town about an hour away, Nerja, where it was a beautiful 73. We spent the day eating tapas, drinking tinto vernano de limón from the bottle on the sand, and listening to the sound of waves crashing. My first tan lines since California were more than welcome 😊


The next few days were simple, relaxed, and normal… Except for the little part where we were in Spain. Our usual adventures and obstacles of being awkward people became even more ridiculous and fun. We went to tapas multiple times a day, saw a whole lot of PDA (do yo thang, Spaniards), got chased by a gypsy offering us weed and beer, drank wine while watching the sunset from a mirador, and laughed like we just saw each other yesterday instead of months ago. Many of my favorite memories since going abroad happened in these few days. It was so cool to see Tessa thrive in this new city and I loved trying to understand Spanish with the Andalusian accent. I didn’t feel like a tourist because she has gotten to know Granada so well in just a month of living there. She showed me her favorite spots around town, all of which had amazing views and required a bit of hiking. I missed mountains so much!


I was sad to go but truly had one of the best times ever. What’s better than spending time in Europe with a dear friend? …Maybe shawarma. Holla at T-Pratt for introducing me to this delicacy. Love you Teha and I will see you again someday, Granada ❤️



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